Explore Santiago de Cuba

Before explore Santiago de Cuba it’s important to introduce some interesting facts about it to our possible guests and visitors to this site who may not have been in our city.

Santiago de Cuba, is not just the second city of Cuba, it’s also the most welcoming and vibrant city, a historical & cultural treasure. Situated on the eastern side of Cuba facing a bay off the Caribbean sea & founded in 1515 by the Spanish conqueror Diego Velazquez, the city carried more than 500 years of History making it one of the oldest in Cuba, in fact the oldest house still standing in Cuba is in the historical center of this city considered the born place of the revolution & the popular musical  genre the Son. With it’s unique colonial architecture, it’s contagious music, it’s African-Spanish heritage & it’s beautiful  geography surrounded by the highest mountains of the country, natural parks & the warm waters of the Caribbean sea, the city is without doubt an attractive destination. Santiago is also the only city in the island with the tittle of City Hero of Cuba, granted by the government to honor it’s bravery during war time.

Sites of interest

  1. Natural attractions
  • Sierra Maestra National Park
  • Pico Turquino National Park 
  • Baconao National Park
  • The Great Stone National Park
  • The Ferns Garden (Jardín de los helechos)
  • Marina Marlin
  • Puerto de Boniato

    2. Historical sites, museums & worship places

  • San Pedro de la Roca Castle
  • Diego Velazquez Museum
  • Santiago de Cuba City Hall
  • San Juan Heights Park
  • The 26 of July Museum
  • Casa natal de Jose Maria Heredia
  • Museo de la Clandestinidad
  • Emilio Bacardi museum
  • The Rum museum
  • National Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Charity (Santuario Nacional de nuestra Sra de la Caridad del Cobre)
  • Cathedral Basilica of our Lady of the Assumption
  • Mangos de Baraguá
  • Museo “La Isabelica”
  • El Uvero

3. City parks & squares

  • Dolores square
  • Frank País Park
  • Parque Céspedes
  • Plaza de Marte (square)
  • The Revolution Square(Plaza de la Revolución)

4. Music, theatres and cultural spots

  • Casa del Caribe
  • Casa Dranguet
  • Casa de las tradiciones
  • Casa de la trova
  • Heredia theatre
  • El Tivolí
  • Patio Artex
  • Dolores Concert Hall 
  • Teatro Martí(Performing Arts Theatre)

5. Restaurants, cabarets, cafes & bars

  • El Barracón restaurant
  • La Casona restaurant
  • El Criollo restaurant
  • El Madrileño restaurant
  • Jardines restaurant
  • Matamoros restaurant
  • El Morro Restaurant
  • Paladar Terraza
  • St Pauli restaurant
  • Salon Tropical restaurant(Paladar)
  • Zunzun restaurant

5.1 Cabarets

  • Cabaret Disco San Pedro del Mar
  • Tropicana Cabaret

 5.2 Cafes & Bars

  • Bello Bar
  • Club 300 ( bar)
  • Hotel Casa Granda Terrace Bar
  • Iris Jazz Club
  • Santiago Cafe Nightclub

5.3 Cafes

  • Cafe Mama Ines: 
  • Cafeteria La Isabelica
  • Chocolatería La Fraternidad (Chocolate House)
  • Rock Cafe
  • Rumba Cafe

6. Other sites of interest

  • Casa del Habano
  • Centro Casa de la moda La Maison

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