Annual Festivals & Events in Cuba & Santiago

  • From January 14 to January 22 is celebrated The International Jazz Festival in Havana with the presence of prestigious musicians of this genre from around the world. There are also musical performances of this genre and lectures at Santiago de Cuba Jazz Club and in the city theatres . (Photos from the web)
  • International Book Fair. February 1 to 11 at San Carlos de La Cabana Fortress in Havana. The cultural event with the biggest popular participation in Cuba. This year dedicated to China as invited country and with the presence of the historian of the Havana city. The fair is extended to Santiago with book presentations of local authors at the squares in the historical downtown and the presence of the french journalist Ignacio Ramonet, director of the newspaper Le Monde Diplomatique. (Photos from the net)
  • From May 8 to 13, the Festival Matamoros Son in Santiago de Cuba. This wonderful festival will fill again the squares, theatres, nightclubs, parks and the streets of Santiago city with vibrant music bands, soloists and dancers from the whole island and from other countries.  The activities of the festival include music concerts, conferences, workshops, book and CD launches, and dancing contests of the most popular genres of Cuban dances.
  • The Caribbean Endemic Birds Festival, is celebrated every year from May 17 to May 22 since 2007 in Havana, Ciego de Avila and in Santiago de Cuba. Encouraging knowledge of the area’s avifauna and raising awareness in the population about its conservation is one of the fundamental objectives of this festival. The programs of the festival also includes the celebration of important dates for the conservation of biodiversity, such as Earth Day (April 22), International Bird Day (May 9), Day of the Migratory Birds (May 10) and Biodiversity Day (May 22), also the Flora and Fauna specialists hold talks with students from different schools, bird observations, workshops, a drawing contests, planting trees, educational games, etc.

  • The International Golden Boleros Festival will be celebrated in Havana & Santiago de Cuba this year from June 19 to June 24. The Cuban bolero tradition has it’s origins in the last quarter of the 19th century in Santiago de Cuba where the musician and composer Pepe Sanchez compose the first Cuban bolero. For more information go to
  • The Fire Festival, officially known as the Caribbean Festival is an annual celebration to highly the cultural expression of the region and the African & Caribbean heritage of Santiago de Cuba. From July 1-9, starting in the morning until late night most streets in the city will be an explosion of colourful costumes, traditional & popular music bands, parades, folklore dancing groups, art and poetry workshops, food stalls and much more.

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  • Santiago de Cuba Carnival, known as one of the biggest carnival in the  Caribbean and the best in the island dating as far as the 17 century. A great popular annual party of traditions wanted and waited for all in the country and which is distinguished by the mix of Spanish & Afro – Cuban culture and the contagious music of the drums and trumpets among the colourful costumes in it’s parades and the joyful people of Santiago de Cuba.
  • From December 6 to December 10, every year is celebrated in the most Caribbean city of Cuba the International Chorus Festival at the Dolores Concert Hall in the historic city center of Santiago but there are also performances at the Music School Esteban Salas and others places.

(Photos from the web)

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